Are You Dehydrated?

A few weeks ago, I spent the morning at Stay Healthy Belmont, weighing people with some 'state of the art' Tanita scales, courtesy of Sandy De La Mare, from WIN Ltd. The scales measure everything from Muscle Mass to Body Mass Index; and Body Water Content to Metabolic Age.

It was the metabolic age that interested me the most and I was very pleased to discover that mine was 23! My water content was OK, but at 50.5% there is certainly room for improvement.

Our bodies are supposed to be 70% water, and most people are dehydrated. We need to drink 1 litre for every 22kg we weigh. So, most of us should be drinking between 3 and 4 litres of water every day.

Hydration plays a vital part in athletic performance. For years, coaches, trainers and athletes alike have recognized the importance of hydration before, during and after athletic competitions. It is essential in cooling the body through sweat and helps prevent the muscles from cramping. Without proper fluid intake, it can lead to lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting and even death. Studies carried out on Ironman competitors showed that the athletes with hydration levels of around 68% finished over four hours more quickly than those with only 50% hydration.

Keeping hydrated isn't just about athletic performance. In Dr Batmanghelidj's book,

Your Body's Many Cries for Water

, he claims that drinking enough water can prevent and reverse asthma and allergies, eliminate heartburn, back pain, arthritis and migraines, as well as assist in weight loss and combat premature ageing. He says 'we are not sick, just thirsty'!

Water is required for fat metabolism and typically there is a direct correlation between high body fat and low hydration levels. Lean muscle mass correlates with good hydration. So one simple tip for losing weight or improving endurance is to drink more water!

The range in readings that we have seen with the scales is quite profound. We weighed a 90 year old lady who's metabolic age was 48 years; an 18 year old with a metabolic age of 83; and an ultramarathon runner with a metabolic age of 12! The 18 year old only drank sugary caffeinated drinks; the 90 year old, who has taken omega supplements for years, was agile enough to take off and put back on her own shoes and socks; and the ultramarathon runner was very fit and very well hydrated with a water content of 60%! The lowest body water content we recorded was 35%.

Ways to Increase Your Water Intake

Drinking straight water is naturally the easiest and simplest way to increase your water intake. But you could also consider eating more foods with high water concentration such as watermelon, grapefruit, and apples.

For those who don't find water too tasty or appealing, you could always try adding a few therapeutic grade essential oils for some flavour. I use Certified Therapeutic Grade

doTERRA Essential Oils

, and my personal favourites are lemon, lime and wild orange. Not only do these oils make the water taste great, but they also have many health benefits and can assist with detoxing and weightloss.

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F Batmanghelidj: Your Bodys Many Cries for Water





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