How do DoTerra supplements support Children?

Our children are growing and developing every day, to support this they need to get the right balance of nutrients.  As all parents know, not every child is enthusiastic about getting a balanced diet, and for some children there can be medical reasons as to why they are deficient in some nutrients. 
There are particular groups of children that are advised by medical professionals to take daily supplements:
  • Extremely picky eaters who do not get a good variety of foods
  • Children that follow a special diet such as vegan or vegetarian
  • Children that have conditions that affect nutrient absorption such as coeliac disease or cystic fibrosis
  • Children recovering from surgery that affects the digestive system
Replacing missing nutrients is important to support healthy growth and development in our children as deficiencies can sometimes lead to serious health consequences. 
DoTerra specialise in pure and natural products to support healthy living. I am a true believer that essential oils can support our health and there is an important role for them in maintaining our health day to day wellbeing. DoTerra are a company with purty at its heart, and this extends beyond just oils. Here is a summary of the children’s supplements available to help boost your child’s daily nutrition.

Doterra A2Z Chewable
This is a brilliant, comprehensive children’s supplement, as it addresses nutritional requirements at a cellular level. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause damage to our bodies. At a cellular level we can protect ourselves from damage with molecules called antioxidants, which are naturally found in fruit and vegetables. This supplement includes the vitamins A, C, and E as well as polyphenols, these are powerful antioxidants, and also help support our bodies to produce even more antioxidants.
Key Facts
Watermelon flavor
Recommended dose: Children four years old and older should take two tablets daily with meals, adults may take up to three tablets daily.
Includes the vitamins A, C, and E, a cellular energy complex of B vitamins and bioavailable minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and manganese.
PB Assist JR
This supplement contains five billion live cells from across 60 strains of friendly bacteria and prebiotics and is powerful at promoting a healthy balance of microflora in the gastrointestinal system. Having a healthy digestive system is key to our overall health, and for maintaining a strong immune system. 
Probiotics play a very important role for optimal digestive health and it is  critical for these microflora to survive the stomach and reach the intestines safely. In order to do this, the probiotic strains used in PB Assist Jr are microencapsulated with a natural glycerin fatty acid ester material designed to help protect the sensitive probiotic cultures from stomach acid. This unique feature helps to ensure that the bacteria are viable throughout the digestive process and therefore able to colonize the intestine.  Most probiotics on the market don’t have this unique feature which allows the microflora to survive and colonise effectively.
Key Facts
Strawberry and Watermelon flavor
Recommended dose: Consume one sachet daily. My kids love to take this by itself, and you can also add to cold foods such as yogurt, smoothies, or breakfast cereal.
IQ Mega
Created for both children and adults this is a supplement rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). Whilst our bodies can produce some EFAs, there are others that we cannot produce and have to include in our diet by eating food such as oily fish. EFAs are required for lots of key functions in our bodies, including cell growth, immune function, joint health, brain development and healthy skin, so it is vital we include these in our nutritional intake. 
Simply increasing our intake of omega-3 fatty acids can positively impact our bodies, which is why IQ Mega has such great benefits. One daily serving of IQ Mega provides 1,300 mg of pure, micro-filtered marine lipids with 900 mg of DHA and 400 mg of EPA omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Key Facts
Flavoured with Wild Orange essential oil
Recommended dose: 1 teaspoon daily. Store away from direct heat and light. After opening, refrigerate and consume within 100 days. 
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