Hi, I'm Tanya Maidment, founder of Green Life Organics!

I'm a Mum, business owner, environmentalist, singer, truth seeker, writer and essential oil lover!  I love connecting with like minded people and I am so pleased that you are here! 
My passion is educating about the power of plant medicine and empowering families around the world to live happier, healthier and more sustainable lives, as well as achieving financial and time freedom. 

Let me tell you where it all started! 

I have always had a fascination for our environment.  Fossils and nature intrigued me and I went on to study geology at university.  For many years I worked as an exploration geologist then a hydro-geologist.  I learnt many things, including how delicate and fragile our environment is,  and how important it is that we respect it. 

It made me think about where our drinking water comes from, where it goes to and how vulnerable our water supplies are to pollution. 

I discovered that pollutants from everyday household rubbish can easily (and quickly) end up in our drinking water, and many of these pollutants are readily bought off the shelf in our local supermarkets.  It made me really start thinking about what and how much I was throwing away.

Then I became a mother! 

After the birth of my son, I became even more interested in how our environment, and the products that we use, could affect our health.

I discovered that we are surrounded by an increasing range of toxins, carcinogens, and irritants in common use around the home, garden and workplace.  Products we eat, breathed or put on our skin every day!   I was horrified and decided that something had to change.  So I started looking for solutions and GreenLifeOrganics began. 
I believe that our health and our environment are interlinked in ways that we will never fully understand, but if we strive to improve our environment, then there is a good chance that our health will benefit.  And if we all make small changes towards leading a healthier and more sustainable life, then there is a good chance that our environment will benefit. 


How my Oily Journey Began

It was early in 2012 when just one drop of  doTERRA peppermint oil in a glass of water changed my life completely!  At the time I had no interest in essential oils and no appreciation of the many benefits.  But the peppermint tasted good and made me feel good, more awake and alert. Not surprising as it was the equivalent of 28 cups of peppermint tea!

I started experimenting with the oils on myself, my family, and my friends.  We were all impressed.  So much so that my friends wanted to learn about their uses.  So, very reluctantly at first, I began to start teaching about the oils, small in-home classes, then library talks and seminars.  I even ended up getting invited to talk about them on television!   Not bad for someone who started out with a massive fear of public speaking!  Now I teach about the benefits of essential oils all over the world AND I LOVE IT!

I haven’t always been interested in health.  My interest began after my son was born and he began to crawl,  I started looking at the ingredients of cleaning products and asked myself if I really want my 8 month old ingesting a concoction of toxic chemicals? The answer was most definitely NO!  So we switched to white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.  We have never looked back.

Since then it’s been a journey of discovery. A succession of illness and sleep deprivation for 12 months after my daughter was born led to the creation of GreenLifeOrganics. I wanted to share my journey and my research with others interested in living healthier and more sustainable lives (which actually go hand in hand – see the Nic Marks Ted Talk on the Happy Planet Index).

My Background

While I don’t have a background in health, I do have a background in science. Before doTERRA, my love of nature, the environment and sustainability led me to work for many years as a geologist, hydrogeologist and environmental scientist.   I loved the exploration, being in nature and the travel.  But sitting in an office writing technical reports really wasn’t my true passion and I wasn’t happy. In fact I was stressed and it was affecting my health.  After numerous tests, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS). It was time for a change.

Now, I absolutely LOVE what I do.  I love inspiring and empowering others to live healthy, sustainable and abundant lives.   I love teaching people on the many benefits of essential oils and how they can help us transform emotionally and physically and live our passion and purpose.  I have met the most amazing people, heard the most inspiring stories, and seen lives transform.

What I do Today

I love the fact that I can work from home, be my own boss, and be there for my children.  I no longer have to miss sports days, assemblies, and other special occasions.  I am there for them in the school holidays, I am there when they are sick.

I use essential oils EVERY day.  I’m not sure how we every managed without them!  They have improved our lives in so many ways. My digestive system is healthy and my food sensitivies have gone.  We use essential oils to uplift the mood at home, help my children go to sleep at night, help them to focus at school, for soothing when they hurt themselves, for upset stomachs, and for immune support. 

Thankfully we very rarely get sick these days, and if we are unwell, we usually bounce back in a few days or less.  Before using essential oils, we used to be sick for weeks even months sometimes.  Now we no longer rush to the doctors at the first sign of illness as we have natural first aid in the form of concentrated plants!  We save time AND money, and I know that we are doing something that is not only better for our health, its also sustainable, so good for the planet too!

Imagine our next generation of children growing up as healers in their own home.  How empowering would that be!

You can learn more about essential oils a here.    Ready to get started?  Then click here to open up your very own wholesale account.

Green Life Organics aims to bring together products and ideas to 
improve our health, our environment and our planet for those 
of us who really want change and are prepared to start taking 
action now!

If we all continue to make even small changes in the right direction, then we will be able to create a healthier and more sustainable environment for ourselves and for future generations to enjoy.

Tanya Maidment
BSc., Msc.