I have recently had a life changing experience. Actually I’ve had a few in the last month or so, but there’s one in particular that I want to talk about. Last month I attended a ‘Think and Grow Rich Internet’, a weekend seminar hosted by a guy called Stuart Zadel. The seminar was all about internet marketing, but also it was about understanding personal motivation, desire and purpose.

It has given me some very valuable tools to develop a successful online business and help me to reach a position where I am able to give back, and truly make a difference not just to my life and my family’s, but also to other people. Yes, this does sound a little unbelievable, and yes it won’t be easy, but I have a vision, a desire, and maybe most importantly of all, a purpose. My purpose, which I’ve only realized quite recently, is to work towards living a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, and in the process, help other like minded people to do the same.

I believe that our health can be significantly improved by altering our diet and reducing the amount of potential toxins and carcinogens in our environment. There are a number of ways in which we can live more sustainably, which I will be covering in subsequent blogs.

My environmental journey truly began some years ago after the birth of my son, when I became concerned about the different chemicals he has being exposed to, through detergents and crawling around the house, etc. Thanks to an inspiring lady called Christine Giles, owner of an ethical, organic, fair trade and environmentally friendly supermarket called ‘Christine's Sustainable Supermarket’ in Bradford on Avon, England, I discovered that many everyday household cleaning items were actually harmful to the health of my family. Christine helped me to replace these potentially harmful products with some very simple, cost effective and above all, safe products, such as bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar.

I went straight home and threw out everything harmful that was lurking under our kitchen sink, I began cleaning the floor with white vinegar, I bought SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) free products and began washing clothes with chemical free detergents. It was the first small step and I have never looked back. 

If this is something that interests you and you haven’t already, then this is what you can do to make a start:
• Have a look at the ingredients of all of the cleaning and personal care products that you have at home; 
• Check out if any of the ingredients are listed as harmful on the Environmental Working Groups websiteand if they are then consider using some other products. 

Remember its all about taking baby steps.  You dont have to throw out everything under your kitchen sink and start again. You can of course, but you may also want to slowly start replacing some of the toxic chemicals with more natural products.  Its all about reducing the risk! 

I hope that you find the information contained in my blogs and website useful. My ultimate purpose is to not only to help improve overall health and well-being for myself and others, but also to improve the environment for our families and encourage sustainable living. 

This is going to take time, and many small steps, but as it is said ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. And I’m sure that many of you have already taken many small steps and if we all head in the right direction, then we can really make a difference! 

In my next few blogs, I’ll be discussing chemical free sunscreens and will be sharing some product tips and ideas, including a very simple and cost effective environmentally friendly weed killer that will not put your family at risk (and could save you money!) as well as recipes for other simple and cheap household cleaning products. 

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