Optimal Health for You and Your Family

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Dr Peter Dingle speak about

Optimal Health for You and Your Family

at Ellenbrook Library. I have seen Peter present a few times now and every time I am blow away by not only his knowledge, but also his passion and energy. It’s really inspiring. I wanted to share a few facts and figures with you from the evening. If these inspire you to find out more, then Peter is holding an

Optimal Health Weekend

this coming weekend (November 12-13) in Mandurah. Let’s start with a few shocking facts: • 50% of all men over 50 in this country WILL have a heart attack or some form of heart disease; • 12,000 people die in Australia every year from the correct dose of prescribed medication! • Processing food can double the calories; • Elevated cholesterol isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the side effects of cholesterol medication can be very serious (see Peters book on the

Great Cholesterol Deception

) • Countries that consume the most milk typically have higher levels of osteoporosis. Peter shared some great tips including: • Rather than using antiacids for indigestion, use instead lemon juice or apple cider vinegar; • Eat fruits such as mango, pawpaw and pineapple to aid digestion. Eating a salad before a cooked meal will also aid digestion; • Don’t count calories! Diets to lose weight just don’t work. Instead, change to healthier eating habits and you will lose weight and keep it off! • Skin diseases are just a symptom of inflammation or toxic overload within the body. By simple eating more healthily, and avoiding processed foods, conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can completely disappear; • Avoid pasteurized milk: raw milk is preferable. For more information on the effects of milk on our health, read the

China Study

. • Probiotics (yoghurts, fermented foods, kefirs, supplements) add billions of healthy bacteria to our digestive systems. apparently have a great probiotic product. If you would like to improve your diet, here are Peter’s 6 P’s to avoid (I’ve mentioned these before in a previous blog, but I thought that it was worth mentioning again): 1. Pies amp; Pastries 2. Pasta 3. Pane (or bread!) 4. Processed Breakfast Food 5. Processed Oil 6. Pasteurized Milk Some food for thought!....If you want to find out more about healthier options, then have a look at our

What’s on in Perth

page or like us on


for details of some great courses on healthy eating, raw foods, superfoods and more! Or why not consider Peters 

Optimal Health Weekend

? Peter has written a range of excellent books on healthy living, including My Dog Eats Better Than Your Kids; Is Your Home Making You Sick and The Great Cholesterol Deception. Click


to view or purchase. As part of the evening at Ellenbrook, I was also there with a fantastic machine called a Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner. The Scanner non-invasively measures your skin carotenoid levels (your antioxidant status) and whether your diet and supplements that you are taking are providing you with all the antioxidant nutrition that your body needs. Click


to see what Dr Oz has to say about the Scanner and the important role of antioxidants in supporting our immune system. I scanned my 6 year old son recently and he is now on a mission to get healthier and beat Mum and Dad’s score!! If you have a group of people who would be interested in finding out their antioxidant scores, then please email me at Bookings are taken for a minimum of 5 people. For more information Lifepak, the multivitamin that comes with a money back guarantee if your antioxidant scan score doesn't improve after three months, click


. And finally, for more really great healthy living tips (including tips from Peters talk) have a look at Tracey Walkers  


Facebook page. Tracey’s daily posts are packed with health tips that will shock, inspire and amuse you!! Have a very happy and healthy week! Tanya

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