Natural Organic Sunscreen for Babies and Kids

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what’s in your sunscreen?

’, this month we are featuring some natural, organic sunscreens that are suitable for babies and children.  There isn’t a huge range of choice when it comes to organic sunscreens for sensitive baby skin.  When my daughter was a baby (she is now two) I used UV Natural Baby - SPF30+ .  I’ve since discovered that the UV Natural sunscreen range use nano ingredients which can produce free radicals and damage DNA, especially when exposed to UV light.  For more details on nano particles and ingredients to avoid in sunscreen, see our previous


and download a copy of a very useful booklet produced by Friends of the Earth on

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. Thankfully, I have managed to find a couple of sunscreens that are safe for babies that are free from nano particles and harmful chemicals including UV absorbers, parabens, synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, colours and fragrances.  When you are looking for a safe sunscreen young children, it’s important to make sure that it’s a broad spectrum sunscreen (i.e. one that reflects both UVA and UVB radiation) as well as being free from harmful chemicals. My first choice would have to be

Invisible Zinc Junior Clip On SPF30+ 50ml



Invisible Zinc®

uses only one active ingredient: Zinc Oxide, which is a mineral reflector found in nature to create a physical, reflective veil on the surface of your skin. It comes in a convenient roll-on tube and is a low irritant, easy to apply, natural sunscreen. It offers the superior broad-spectrum UV protection of zinc without the chemical sun filters that can irritate sensitive skins.   Another option suitable for young children is the

Invisible Zinc face and body sunscreen SPF 30+ UVA-UVB 75g

(RRP AU$19.95).  I have been using this on my daughter since she was 18mnths old and it’s great for the whole family.  It also comes in 150g (RRP AU$32.00). Another good choice (and probably best value for money) would be

Avado Organics - natural baby sunscreen SPF 30+

(with organic ingredients) 200g (RRP AU$32.29).


This is a

natural sunscreen that offers maximum broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays and contains non-irritating natural oils and waxes that hydrate and moisturise baby's skin.  This product can also be used for the whole family. A couple of other options, which are both ‘kid safe’ include:

  • Soleo Organics natural water-resistant sunscreen lotion SPF30+ 75g (RRP AU$26.60).  This sunscreen is water resistant and broadspectrum UVA and UVB and is made using organic and naturally sourced ingredients. It is suitable for children of all ages. 
  • WotNot organic sunscreen SPF30+ 135g (RRP AU$25.95).  This sunscreen is broadspectrum UVA and UVB, is suitable for babies over 6 months old and is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

GreenLifeOrganics currently has Soleo Organics and WotNot sunscreens in stock, and will be stocking Invisible zinc and Avado Organics in the next few weeks. And finally, don’t forget that the best way to protect baby’s sensitive skin is to:

  • MINIMIZE sun exposure as much as possible especially between 11:00am and 3:00pm when the UV rays are at its strongest. 
  • If sun exposure is unavoidable, then make sure they WEAR A HAT and clothes that COVER ARMS amp; LEGS; and
  • use a CHEMICAL FREE, NATURAL SUNSCREEN (with UVA and UVB protection) on exposed skin to stay protected. 



This information is not intended as medical advice. Everyone should make their own health care decisions, with advice from qualified professionals.



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Mar 20, 2011 03:28 AM BST

Hi Jacqueline, thanks for your enquiry. Yes we can ship to Canada. The postage price for the 135g Wotnot sunscreen would be $AU10.50 (so total cost would be $AU34.10). If you email your postal address to then I can confirm payment options. Estimated Aus Post international delivery time is 3 to 10 days, subject to customs clearance. We have this item in stock so we could post tomorrow (Monday 21st Mar). Regards, Tanya



Mar 19, 2011 04:43 PM BST

do you ship to toronto canada and how long would it take to get wotnot sunscreen here?

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