Alive! doTERRA Convention 2015 Highlights

I have just spent an amazing few weeks in the USA! doTERRAS Alive! 2015 Convention was so inspiring. This incredible company has continued to experience phenomenal growth over the past year and is making such a positive impact around the world. 28,000 Wellness Advocates gathered in Salt Lake City for the biggest convention the city has ever seen! Here is a summary of the main convention highlights:

The Gala Ball! 5000 Wellness Advocates, so much fun! A wonderful celebration of achievements!

- So many fabulous new products which you can read about here (along with some other convention highlights):

- doTERRA have also released some gorgeous sample trios, which are going to make it even easier for us to share the oils with others!

- Dr Hill talked about the Life Long Vitality supplements and the importance of being ‘naturally balanced’, which is a major advantage over other supplements. There is also a new vegan recipe in the pipeline as well as specific international formulations.

- Co-impact Sourcing is creating thousands of sustainable jobs and has such a positive impact worldwide. Emily Wright talked about projects under way in Nepal (the new Wintergreen), New Zealand (for the new Douglas Fir) and for new sources of Roman Chamomile and Melissa.  You can learn more about Co-impact sourcing here.

- Healing Hands 100% of everything donated to this charity actually goes to the charity. Some amazing projects are underway, such as ‘Days for Girls’ and the humanitarian aid work in Nepal. Click here to find out more.

- Studies for internal use and aromatherapy are ongoing. Research has shown that we have smell receptors in all major organs and this affects all kinds of biological factors.

- Regarding compliance, doTERRA have been closely working with the FDA and doTERRA has recently been FDA approved. For those of us sharing the oils, we have to follow the compliance guidelines at and

- Carey Lohrenz, the keynote speaker, was truly inspirational. As the first ever female fighter pilot, she fully understands about leadership, prioritising, being focused and taking risks.  She had so much great advice and here are a few of my favourites:
• Not taking risks is the biggest risk that you can take
• Don’t try to be perfect
• Have a clear sense of purpose
• Make the most of opportunities and enjoy the ride

So much amazing information over three very inspirational days. If you are interested in becoming part of this global wellness movement, sharing the oils with others and touching lives with these amazing oils, then I highly recommend attending either the 2016 Australian or USA conventions (or both!). The next Australian Convention will be on the Gold Coast on 24-26th February 2016, and the next USA convention is from 14-17th September 2016.

If you would like start using essential oils to support your family's health and wellness then you can either contact the person who introduced you to doTERRA or contact me, I would love to help.

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