Can Essential oils increase productivity and sales for your business?

Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils and the power of scent to improve health holistically. Its popularity has grown considerably in recent years, and combined with the trend to move to more environmentally friendly, naturally sourced products in our homes, essential oils and their incredible health properties and scents have now become part of everyday life across the world.
We have all experienced the power of smell (good and bad!) and know it can directly affect our thoughts, our mood and the way we feel about the environment we are in. Using scent in business won’t be new to you; you will have walked into a supermarket and smelt the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread and you know that the smell of fresh coffee and cake can be particularly welcoming if you are viewing a new home. Did you know that you can also harness this power effectively to increase your business productivity and increase sales?
I am extremely passionate about the power of essential oils and with so many health benefits it is often easy to overlook the many benefits essential oils can also bring to your business - increasing both sales and productivity.  
In your day to day business you may not have spent much time thinking about aromas and the subtle messages you are giving your customers. However smell has an important role in brain functioning, and research has shown that through interaction with the limbic system (where we store long term memories and emotions) essential oils contain compounds that can strongly influence mood. Smell and the use of essential oils is now seen by many businesses as a new marketing tool. And studies have even started to show that using the right aromas can:

- Improve customer experience
- Affect customer perception
- Increase customer lingering time
- Affect mood and alleviate stress


My Top Essential Oils For Retail, Estate Agents, Restaurants, Spas and Salon Businesses

Citrus Essential Oils 
Business uses: Retail, Estate Agents
Studies have shown that when invigorating scents from citrus oils such as Lemon and Orange have been used in stores whilst people are shopping, that shoppers felt more comfortable, were more likely to make a purchase and were also more likely to visit the store again.   
If you are an Estate Agent or work in property then you will be interested to discover that when testing different scents during home viewings that simple citrus essential oils are the most effective, performing better than even the smell of brownies or baked bread!  
It is thought that simple, clean smells don’t distract your buyer into thinking about the source of the aroma (especially if they are hungry!) and as such are inviting but not distracting to help increase the chance of a successful sale. 

Lavender Essential Oil

Business uses: Dentist and Doctor Surgeries, Restaurants
This is a particularly calming and relaxing scent, used to help soothe our emotions. The use of lavender oil has been shown in studies to reduce anxiety and improve mood in patients who are in waiting rooms prior to receiving dental treatment.  Lavender has also been shown to encourage customers to languish for longer in restaurants and in turn spend more money in the restaurant when compared to using other scents. 
Geranium Essential Oil
Business uses: Networking Events
Studies have shown that using Rose Geranium essential oil increased the number of social interactions in a room full of strangers.  This oil has a beautiful floral smell and is a staple of the perfume industry, which goes some way to explain some of its extraordinary properties.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Business uses: Spas, Salons
Eucalyptus essential oil is a powerful cleanser, eradicating bacteria  in the air. It is also a great antidote to bad moods, mental fatigue and sluggishness. If you have a spa or salon it is the perfect aroma to use in steam rooms or in an essential oil diffuser.
Essential Oil Blends

Business uses: Customer Facing Business Premises
Some businesses, particularly retailers, have for some time now employed olfaction consultants to develop customised fragrances, designed to affect mood and have a direct impact on customer behaviour. The beauty of essential oil blends is that they combine a careful selection of different essential oils harnessing the power of their different properties and tailoring the blend to your target market. For example the scent may need to have a more masculine or feminine appeal, there are also scents that are considered to be gender neutral - important factors when looking at aromas from a marketing perspective.  

Other Great Benefits of Essential Oils for Businesses

Using essential oils in your business can bring about a ‘memory’ effect and a heightened perception of your brand. Particular smells can trigger memories. For example the smell of coconut often reminds us of holidays and the smell of pine reminds us of Christmas. By using a particular smell in your business you can harness the power of this memory effect in your brand recognition. If you create a bespoke scent memory for your business, you can reinforce positive experiences that customers will then associate with your brand. Watch this Ted Talk by Halladay Saltz to help understand the power of smell in branding ‘Why smell is more important than we think’

Staff Performance
Even if your business is not customer facing with a multitude of health benefits, essential oils and aromatherapy can bring benefits to your business by improving staff focus, health and productivity.
Immune Support 
Essential oils are cleansing,in fact carefully selected oils can purify the air and help to eradicate health threats in the work environment. This is particularly beneficial in a closed office environment with re-circulated air. Cleaner air will help to reduce staff sickness and in turn increase productivity.
Emotional Support and Improved Focus
Work environments can at times be emotional environments and in particular there can be heightened anxiety during busy times. Essential oils can be used to create environments that are conducive to concentration, creativity and positive mood. Peppermint and wild orange are particularly good for this. You can discover more detailed information on these benefits and which essential oils can diffused to help with emotional support in my diffuser information.

Extra Income
Essential oils can complement your business by offering an extra product for your customers as well as provide an extra residual income stream for your business. They are perfectly suited to businesses that offer fitness and yoga classes, massage practitioners, dentists, chiropractors, naturopaths, gyms, reflexology and hairdressers. Information and resources are available to help get you started and you can read more here. 
I hope this has helped to give you some insights into the incredible power and benefits of doTerra essential oils for your business. If you would like help with selecting the right essential oils and aromas for your business or more information on how to use oils for the maximum gains to your business please do contact me on 07557337363 or email I can’t wait to help your business benefit from these amazing oils!.
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