Why doTerra? 

I have always had a fascination for the environment and studied to become a hydro-geologist before I found my calling with essential oils. My qualifications and background provide me with insights into how delicate and fragile our environment is and how important it is that we respect it. This is also what lead me on the path to discovering the incredible doTerra.
I only use doTerra essential oils and besides the range of wonderful uses and benefits these oils bring to my life, here are my top reasons why I am part of this amazing organisation.

1. Purity
You may not realise that not all essential oils are alike and not all are pure. Often they are diluted with synthetic fillers, they are adulterated or contaminated and important testing can often be skipped to save time and money during production. This doesn’t just make poor quality essential oils it can actually in some cases make them harmful.
DoTerra has from the very beginning in 2008 made it their mission to ensure their oils are pure, even going to the level of protecting the chemical compound of the plant so that we can enjoy the full benefits of the oil. From developing their own definitive standards for purity, to introducing third-party testing (doTerra have developed 54 different tests for every batch of oil), each step of production is extremely rigorous to create essential oils that are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® (CPTG). You can even see the test results for every doTerra batch produced by visiting this website Source to You.

2. Sourcing
DoTerra puts great value into the science and research needed to identify the best source of the different oils they produce, this way they can be sure that their oils provide the maximum benefit in every bottle. 
Map of doTerra botanical sourcing
They also understand that to source high-quality pure grade essential oils from all across the world that dedicated farmers are needed to nurture and produce exceptional quality plants. To enable this doTerra commits to make a positive difference to the lives of farmers, harvesters and distillers throughout the production chain. Sourcing from over 45 countries (many of these are developing countries) their co-impact sourcing scheme develops long-term mutually beneficial supplier partnerships,  creates sustainable jobs, a reliable income, and they always pay fair prices. 

3. doTerra make a difference in the world
From the very beginning doTerra established a not for profit foundation called the Healing Hands Foundation.  Funded by money built up through company initiatives, this foundation was created to invest in development projects and give back to the sourcing communities. Healing Hands invests in community projects that include improving infrastructure, providing clean water systems, building health clinics, schools; any investment that provides the most significant and beneficial change to the community. By 2019 doTERRA’s sourcing and social impact projects had impacted an incredible 1,014,071 lives.

So I only choose doTerra 
Sometimes people interested in essential oils choose to save money and buy other, cheaper brands. However, they don’t realise that doTerra oils can cost more not because they want to maximise profits, but because they want to ensure the purity of the oils for your health and well being. And not only that; they also want to protect the health and wellbeing of the communities across the world who help to produce these amazing oils. I don’t think the question should be why doTerra, it should be why not doTerra?
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