How to Listen to the Calling of Your Heart

The calling of our hearts remind us what matters most to us: our Why and our values. Our values motivate us, but we often get side tracked as we navigate this wonderful, crazy world.

Our values allow us to be real and authentic. They are heartfelt and true. When we step away from our values our hearts sink. When we move towards them we feel excited and fulfilled.

Living a more fulfilled life means living by our values and listening to our hearts deliberately and often. How do we do this?

At this event, you will learn three steps for living by your values and following your true path and life purpose.

The talk will be led by life coach Faith Tait. One of Faith Tait’s greatest passions is to provide the creative space for clients who want to truly harness the amazing power of their authenticity, integrity, and sincerity for a happier and healthier life.

Her coaching approach is not directive. She doesn’t tell you what to do. That’s for your inner knowing, discovered through questioning that appeals to the heart’s intelligence.

She might, with your permission, give suggestions gained through 25 years’ experience. And on occasion, she might give what some clients have called a ‘lady-like push’.

Because of all those coaching years, Faith is now convinced that bringing our authenticity to life is the cornerstone for health, wealth and happiness.

If you have questions for Faith you can contact her on:
07478 448730

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There will also be a chance to network with other like-minded people.

Any questions please contact Tanya on 07557337363

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