Essential Oils & Spirituality 

Join Tanya Maidment of Green Life Organics and Claire Devonshire of CHELLENAIRE for a powerful session where you will experience how essential oils can help with meditation, intuition and spirituality. While this is not directly taking place in Bradford on Avon or Bath, it is nearby and may interest those of you in the area.

Aromatic herbs and oils, including essential oils, have been an integral part of spiritual and meditation practices throughout history.
In this morning session at the beautiful Highway Hill location, you will discover how essential oils can enhance spiritual practices, meditation, visualisation, aromatic anchoring, manifestation as well as support our emotional wellbeing.

You will receive a beautiful manifesting blend and be guided through a powerful meditation where you will discover how combining visualisation and scent through aromatic anchoring can transform your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Claire Devonshire has been clearing and upgrading energies since 1995 all around the world. She is an experienced Spiritual Mentor and Business Coach and is the co-founder of CHELLENAIRE. It is her Life’s Purpose to share with others how to live life in bliss and lightness whilst shining their own wonderful uniqueness out to this incredible world.

Tanya Maidment is a mother of two & owner of Green Life Organics. Eight years ago she gave up a career in environmental science to begin a personal journey to create a happy, healthy and sustainable future for herself and her family. She loves to educate and inspire others to lead a more natural low-tox lifestyle and regularly teaches about the physical & emotional benefits of essential oils.

Space is limited so please register to secure your spot. Book your rickets here:

Refreshments including raw chocolate treats infused with essential oils will be provided.

Any questions then please contact Tanya on 07557337363 or Claire on 07307 334 332.

With love and gratitude,
Tanya & Claire

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