Getting Started

How to get oils?

Thank you for visiting this page!  You are here because you are considering using essential oils to support your wellness journey and I am thrilled that you are!  

Congratulations for investing in YOUR health & wellbeing! I would love to help you on your wellness journey!  Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. There are so many options and so many oils to chose from. I hope the information on this page will make things a little easier for you and help you make the choice thats right for you! 

 If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of essential oils plus find out about monthly special offers  then make sure that join our online Facebook community:  Essential Oil Experience.  We are also on Telegram

If you are ready to get started NOW then simply visit our doTERRA online store and discover the amazing healing benefits of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. There are three ways that you can get started:

  • Buy the oils at retail and pay full price (not recommended!)
  • Join with a “Wholesale Customer” membership. This option gives you a 25% discount. No monthly fees or required autoship.
  • Join with a “Wellness Advocate” membership. This option also gives you a 25% discount but gives you the option to share oils with others and earn money to cover your monthly order, supplement or even replace your income

Most people start as a Wholesale Customer with one of the popular starter kits, such as the Home Essentials or Together kit.   You can then upgrate to a Wellness Advocate later on if you wish. 
There are no monthly fees and no requirements to sell or buy with either option. And you can join wherever you are in the world. Click here for UK price list (inc VAT) or contact us with your country and we can send through information for where you are as well as put you in contact with a local Wellness Advocate.

There are some great kits to chose from.  You are also welcome to pay the £24 membership fee and select the oils that you would like.  The kits come with free membership and you can vew a full list of kit options in the UK by clicking on the image below.   If you live outside of the UK then please get in touch ( and we can send you information for your country. 

Most people start with something like the the Top 10 kit (either Family essentials with 5ml bottles or Home Essentials with 15ml bottle.

For a full review of all products, you can view the UK Product Guide by clicking on the link below.

Become A Wholesale Member

You can purchase all of the doTERRA essential oils and products using this link  By clicking 'SHOP' this will give you retail prices.    However, we recommend purchaseing wholesale as this will give you a 25% discount and lots of extra bonuses! 

Please note that there is no requirement for autoship or minimum monthly orders and you do NOT have to onsell. These are just wonderful options if you wish to.  There is an anual membership renewal of £15 in the UK, that is only charge if you place an order 12 months or more after your very first order. 

The Benefits of Becoming a Wholesale Member:

  • Wholesale pricing (25% discount)
  • No monthly order required
  • Option to receive 10-30% of your total purchase back in FREE product points
  • Eligibility to receive dōTERRA’s FREE Product of the Month
  • Ability to earn compensation and bonuses by sharing with others
  • This is the lowest overall product cost & smartest way to buy 

Become A Wellness Advocate

If you decide you would like to share doTERRA, sell retail or include it in your business, then you may want to consider becomeing a Wellness Advocate. This includes all the benefits of a Wholesale Membershio, plus the option to earn commission. 

Most people start as a Wholesale Customer and upgrade to a Wellness Advocate if they decide to start sharing the oils with their friends, customer. clients or loved ones.  This can be a great way to earn extra income or get your oils for free! 

You can read more about working with me as part of Team GLO here.  If this is something that appeals then you may want to consider starting with one of the bigger fast track kits as there are some great bonuses that come with these, as detailed below: 

New Wellness Advocates who enrol with the following kits and have a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order the following month* will receive:
  • Natural Solutions Kit 100 LRP points plus start LRP point accrual at 15%
  • Essentil Oil Collection 200 LRP points plus start LRP point accrual at 20%
  • Business Leader Kit 400 LRP points plus start LRP point accrual at 25%
* Points will be redeemable 60 days following enrolment. If the LRP is cancelled before 60 days, the new Wellness Advocate will not receive points awarded.  In the UK, 1PV = approx £1. 

Please note that in the UK, you will have to order the above kits as a Wholesale Customer then upgrade to a Wellness Advocate after 7 days.

How to order?

To order, simply follow the steps below: 

  • Visit and click on 'join and save' 
  • Scroll down and click on ' join doterra'
  • Select your country & language
  • Chose your kit or individual products. You can also add oils to any of the kits
  • Enter your shipping and payment details (you may be asked for authentification from your bank)
  • Congratulations! Your oils will arrive in areound 3-5 working days. 
  • Make sure that you book a welcome call with the person that introduced you. If that was me then you can book in a time here. 
The short video below aslo takes you through the steps for opening up your wholsale account.  

Alternatively you can simply download this order form and email it to (if you prefer to give payment details over the phone then you can call us on 07557337363). 

Any Questions?

If you would prefer to discuss with me which kit would best meet your needs and get started with a wholesale account simply book a time to chat using the link below: 

What next? 

Once you have place your order make sure that you schedule in a time for your Welcome Call and Complimentary Wellness Consult.   Please complete this form so that we can help you develop a wellness plan thats best for you. 

You can also LEARN MORE about essential oils, discover how you can SHARE MORE about the benefits, or even EARN MORE income.   

I cant wait to help you get started on your essential oil journey! 

Much love

Contact Tanya on 0755 733 7363 / for further information.
Tanya is owner of GreenLifeOrganics, Wellness Coach, doTERRA Independent Product Consultant