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Hello and welcome! I would love to help you try some essential oils! 
Please only complete the form if you haven't tried doTERRA oils before or if you aren't already working with another Wellness Advocate.  

Once you have filled in your details you will be directed to a payment page (samples are free, we are just asking for a £3 shipping cost to be covered).  You can then select which samples you would like to try, including digestive, resipratory, seasonal or hormonal support support, stress, sleep, healthy skin or discomfort.

You will then be invited to our Essential Oils Experience Facebook Page where you will have access to some great information on how to use your samples safely and effectively.  In addition, you can request a complimentary 15mins wellness consult to make sure that you are receiving the samples that are most appropriate for your health goals (we highly recommend this!). 

Please complete the sample request form then payment for shipping (£3). 

To get the most out of your samples we invite you to:
Congratulations on taking this important step on improving your health and wellbeing with essential oils!  I cant wait to help you!

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Once you have submitted this form you will be redirected to the store for the £3 shipping costs. Once your order is processed we will post your samples.