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A business where you get to life the live that YOU want, a life of freedom and helping others to a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life too?
A business where you can serve in a way that is uniquely YOU, working with the people that YOU resonate with and doing work that YOU love.  A business that truly makes a difference in the world. A business that leaves a legacy.  
You may be thinking this sounds too good to be true, right?
That’s what I thought when I first started running my own business back in 2010.  Financial freedom seemed like an unlikely dream.   But I was determined, and I knew that I just needed to find the right vehicle, the right company that aligned with my values, and the right product that I had total, unwavering belief in.
In 2012 I found doTERRA, (or maybe doTERRA found me).  It took a very short time for me to realise this was the opportunity that I had been searching for.
Most of us spend our working lives trading time for money.  What if you could create a pipeline of residual income that keeps flowing in when you are not working, when you are on holiday, or when you retire?  What if you simply had to work hard for 3-5 years helping others while working for yourself so that you can live in abundance and financial freedom the rest of your life?
Maybe, just maybe, you have a desire to make a difference in the world too. To do something that excites you, that you were destined to do.  And I am SO thrilled that you are here!  Let me ask you: 
  • What if you could turn your dreams into reality?
  • What if you are the master of your ship and YOU can design your life?
  • What if you could create a successful business that allows you to start creating the life you want?
  • What if, by living your purpose and your passion, you can make a positive impact on the world?
  • What if you allow yourself to receive abundance beyond your imagination?
  • What if financial freedom AND time freedom became a reality?
  • What if you could make a positive impact on other people’s lives every single day, not just in your local community but even globally?
  • What if you have just discovered the vehicle and the community that can help you with that?
If you are interested then keep reading and I will share with you how to create a beautiful home-based wellness business, with doTERRA essential oils and myself as your mentor.  This opportunity is only available to those of you who do not have an existing and active doTERRA account.
Building a business takes time, effort, commitment and requires both skillset and mindset.  I am looking for people who are good communicators with great organisational and people skills and are natural sharers and teachers.
Our vision and mission is to provide natural solutions to health conscious people in a supportive environment, helping you to feel inspired to live the life YOU love!

Join us for one of our weekly Monday evening business opportunity overview events: Book here!


If that sounds like you then I invite you to join Team GLO!  A community of like-minded people who embrace the business opportunities that partnering with dōTERRA essential oils provides.

If you are a caring, resilient, passionate, motivated, creative individual who cares about others and our planet and want to make a difference in this world, this just might be the opportunity for you.  Team GLO are proud to stand in partnership with one of the most integral and ethical brands on earth, dōTERRA.
Our mission sees us educating others on natural health care, guiding people to find freedom in a debt-free life, developing leadership, and personal growth that allows us to live a life of abundance, limitless choice and freedom.  YOU set the targets for your business, the limits are only those you impose upon yourself.  
Every day we empower people with natural solutions which provide emotional support, glowing skin, digestive harmony, better sleep, robust immune systems and much more – and all this while smelling AMAZING!  

In carrying out this important and inspiring work we also have an opportunity to vastly impact the lives of others. From the growers, harvesters and distillers of these oils (many of whom live in developing nations), to the people who embrace the doTERRA business opportunity, we offer solutions.
And the true beauty is, ANYONE can do this.  No experience is required, no specials skills, no website.  Just a belief and a desire to create the life you want and to empower others to do the same. I invite you to join us!
For you, it’ll start with an incredible product experience. You'll order your oils which will surprise and excite you and you will fall head over heels in love with them.
Your oils effortlessly become a part of your everyday wellness routine, and in no time at all, you see real, tangible results in all aspects of your life – spiritually, physically and emotionally.
Knowing that you have one of the greatest secrets in the palm of your hand (and in your bathroom cabinet, and in your kitchen, your bedroom, your handbag and your car), inevitably, you’ll become compelled to share the gift that has been given to you, and you decide to partner with Mother Earth and her gifts. You want to help others and make a difference.
Myself, along with other leaders on Team GLO, will welcome you and guide you on how to share the gift of doTERRA with others.
You’ll be provided with free weekly training and mentoring, all within a safe and location-independent environment with people just like you to keep you moving and motivated.
Then, each and every week, you’ll invite like-minded people in your community to experience the oils, and you’ll educate and empower them to live a more natural lifestyle with essential oils. Along the way, some of those people will see the beauty of the path you’re walking and will want to link arms and walk alongside you. Those with the open-hearts and open-minds - these people will reveal themselves to you as your business partners.
As your team grows, I will act as your guide. I will mentor you on practical ways to duplicate your efforts, to create momentum and community.
As you can see, this isn’t your standard model of business.  This model is the epitome of teamwork and collaborative leadership. There’s no room for competition or comparison. This business model creates a caring community where we help and support each other towards success. 

Does this sound like you?

  • You are highly passionate and motivated - you want to help others to live the most health life possible.
  • You want to share something you believe in with others - you love essential oils and want to help others to find the same health and success that you have.
  • You are willing to make big life changes you are highly motivated to create the life that you want. 
  • You are ready to work hard, take risks and change your live through serving others.
  • You aren’t afraid to go against the grain you questions society’s status quo.
  • You are an avid researcher, you are always trying to do better in your live and for your family and others.
  • You want to invent in a legacy that lasts - you know the key to success is consistency. 
  • You know that building a residual income takes har work and commitment.
  • Service drives you - you love to serve others and you know that you will change your live and others though sharing doTERRA.
We are looking to align with people who are:

  • Willing to learn new skills, try new things and are prepared to take plenty of action.
  • Optimistic - you naturally gravitate towards possibilities and opportunities, rather than focusing on limitations and ‘problems.’
  • Not afraid to fail, or for people to say ‘no’ to you. You know that every ‘no’ is one closer to the next ‘yes.’
  • Caring and compassionate - you’re driven by a desire to witness humanity rise and you know that now is the time.
  • Excited about the idea of partnering in a collaborative business model, which is in service to all involved.
  • Ready to stretch your comfort zone. 
 This is probably not for you if:

  • You compare yourself to others. People around you will be being celebrated often (and loudly!) and if you can’t celebrate them with us, you will struggle.
  • You often experience ‘Failure to Launch’ due to a lack of follow-through.
  • You’re only joining us to receive free coaching. That’s not how mentoring works I’m afraid. I only mentor collaborators who are in the arena, making mistakes, stepping outside if their comfort zones.
  • You’re a dabbler and not a deep-diver.
  • You choose victimhood over self-responsibility.
So why join doTERRA?   Here are some top reasons to consider this company: 
  • They are the largest essential oil company in the world and their products are the purest and safest.
  • Their products empower people to improve their health and wellbeing with natural solutions.
  • They have a customer retention rate of 65% (over 4 times the industry average) – people reorder because they LOVE the products.
  • They works with growers around the world to source the best plants sustainably and ethically.
  • They have an incredibly generous compensation plan that rewards you for sharing with others. 
  • Their loyalty program rewards customers with up to 55% off products plus extra free oils every month. 
Why Join Team GLO? 
  • You become a member of a collaborative community who support each other!
  • You can work from home or anywhere in the world.
  • You get to fit your work schedule around your lifestyle.
  • Your health and wellness will improve as you help others.
  • You have an opportunity for an abundant life and freedom -  as long as you are willing to put in the work!
  • You will be a part of a team of like-minded individuals, who work together, grow together and support each other.
  • You will receive all the support and training you need.
  • Team GLO is an international, 60,000+ strong community of mothers, fathers, healers, professionals, wellness entrepreneurs, collaborative business builders and LEADERS.
 My promise to you is that I will support you all the way and share with you a proven duplication model for creating a successful essential oil business, and with your dedication and commitment to change, we can and will make a difference together. 
I will support you through:
  • Getting started with your oils and making the most of your wholesale membership.
  • Regular coaching and mentoring with me including training to help you create your own personalised business strategy.
  • Access to our team Facebook pages for business and product information.
  • Team training webinars and amazing business building content.
  • Comprehensive online leadership and business development training, which takes you step by step through the products, how to get started and how to build your successful business.
  • Access to leadership and mentoring calls.
If you feel that we are the right fit for you then we want to hear from YOU!  If joining our vision, culture and community is a YES for you then you have a few options:
1. Register for a weekly Bussiness Opportunity Overview event

2. Schedule a call with me

or email me at letting me know when is the best time to call.

3. Kickstart the process by purchasing some oils (the Home Essentials Kit is one of the most popular starter kits), 

4. I'm looking to work closely with people who are motivated and ready to get started!  Fill out the contact form below and I’ll be in touch.

Choose the step that’s right for you, and I’ll support you! Discover your true potential and use it to make your dreams come true.
You CAN live your dream if you simply decide and take action. This is an opportunity to add additional income to your full time job or existing business or simply become an entrepreneur and do this full-time.
The beauty with this business is that you can begin wherever you want to. And you can always feel free to contact me (or member of my team) if you have questions or need help. We’re here for you.
I believe in a world where we can experience abundance, happiness, vibrant health AND live sustainably on our beautiful planet.
I'm so excited to chat and see if this is what you dream of too.   Will you be the next member of our community?
I would be honoured to support you with this amazing opportunity. 

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