Your new best friend Adaptiv

Adaptiv is your best friend when it comes to supporting your body's response to stressful feelings.
This powerful combination of 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils smells amazing and has the ability to lift your senses back into a state of joy, peace, and clarity just seconds after you take in its delicious scent.
It's one of my go-tos when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed! I love the science behind this oil. 

With oils from the wood, flower, mint, and citrus families, Adaptiv offers a perfect synergy of aromatherapeutic properties to balance, uplift, calm, and clear. 
Physiologically, the oils in Adaptiv blend have been shown to elevate moods, promote a state of mental clarity and alertness, encourage feelings of calm and relaxation, and reduce feelings of stress.
With all of that supportive power, it's no wonder it is one of my all time favourite oils! Did I mention that it smells amazing?

The Essential Oil Science Behind Adaptiv
Wild Orange- Wild Orange is commonly used in essential oil blends aimed to promote emotional well-being because of its uniquely energizing yet calming aroma. Clinical research has shown that due to its concentration of limonene, aromatic and topical application of Wild Orange promotes a positive mood and supports a relaxing environment.  

Lavender- The calming and relaxing aroma of Lavender essential oil is often considered the root of modern aromatherapy and the past century has provided a significant amount of evidence to support it. Whether applied topically or used aromatically, numerous human clinical trials have validated the ability of Lavender’s aroma to improve mood, reduce feelings of anxiousness and stress, and create a restful environment.  

Copaiba- As the essential oil with the highest known concentration of beta-caryophyllene, Copaiba’s spectrum of benefits is almost endless. While it is primarily known for being powerfully antioxidant, supporting the immune and respiratory systems when used internally, and being great for the skin topically, the rich concentration of beta-caryophyllene also imparts an uplifting aroma that research suggests may be beneficial to   those attempting to abstain from unhealthy habits.  

Spearmint- The dominant volatile aromatic compound in the chemical composition of Spearmint essential oil is the monoterpene ketone, carvone. Along with having numerous benefits when applied topically (specifically, cleansing properties), human clinical research has shown that essential oils high in carvone (Spearmint and Dill)  have an uplifting and arousing aroma that are particularly beneficial for those with active lifestyles.
Magnolia- Magnolia has one of the highest concentrations of the monoterpene alcohol, linalool. Along with its many benefits when applied topically, essential oils rich in linalool have been shown in experimental research to promote a calm environment and feelings of relaxation.  

Rosemary- Rosemary has a unique chemical composition, including significant concentrations of 1,8-cineole, camphor, and alpha-pinene. The combination of these three monoterpenes creates a distinct aroma that has been shown in clinical research to increase feelings of alertness and focus, and reduce feelings of stress.  

Neroli- Neroli is unique in that it has many of the mood-modulating characteristics of essential oils rich in linalool and linalyl acetate, but being derived from a citrus tree (Citrus aurantium), it also has significant concentrations of limonene. A breadth of clinical research validates the ability of Neroli essential oil to provide calming feelings when experienced aromatically.  

Sweetgum- Liquidambar, more commonly referred to as “sweetgum”, produces a resinous sap (liquid amber) that can be steam distilled to produce an essential oil with a wide spectrum of benefits13. The resulting substance is a unique combination of volatile aromatic compounds that are not commonly found in other essential oils, and emit a unique aroma with pine, floral, and spicy notes. While it is primarily known for its benefits when applied topically, sweetgum essential oil is also commonly used to promote a calm and restful environment. 

Why Should We Use the Adaptiv Blend?
We all have our own unique emotional needs. Essential oils are a convenient and effective tool for improving your emotional well-being. Experimentation is the best way to find out what works for you, but science provides some compelling evidence that the way aroma influences our mood is not exclusively individual. Formulated with precise amounts of many of nature’s most profound mood influencing aromas, Adaptiv can be your go-to to promote the soothing and uplifting feelings you need to get through the day.
The Adaptiv Calming Blend is the precise solution to help you deal with the stressors of everyday life. Whether it’s a difficult test or just normal life, put a few drops of Adaptiv in the diffuser to induce feelings of calm and relaxation, and help the body and mind stay balanced. 
Keep Adaptiv on hand to help comfort you in new surroundings or situations. Use Adaptiv in combination with the Adaptiv Touch for synergistic results.
  • Lavender, Magnolia, Neroli, and Sweetgum provide stress-relieving effects
  • Wild Orange and Spearmint energize and uplift.
  • Copaiba and Rosemary soothe anxious feelingsDiffuse this blend to support a calm and focused mindset.
  • Add 3-5 drops to your favourite diffuser and enjoy the beautiful scent. 
  • Apply a drop to hands, rub together, and inhale deeply from cupped palms as needed.
  • Add 3-5 drops to natural bubble bath or carrier oil and mix into bath water for a luxuriously relaxing bath experience.
  • Apply to wrists, inside elbow crease, or pulse points to help with feelings of balance and calm. (Dilute first with carrier oil or use pre-diluted Touch roller bottle)

dōTERRA Adaptiv Touch
When you feel the need for a calming boost, Adaptiv Touch is your solution. Keep Adaptiv Touch on hand to help comfort you in new surroundings or situations. CPTG essential oils combine with Fractionated Coconut Oil to make this calming and uplifting blend that can be applied directly to the skin.  Lavender provides calming effects while Wild Orange uplifts. Whether you’re feeling fatigued or restless, indecisive or irritable, Adaptiv Touch is a tool that can help the body and mind stay balanced. Use Adaptiv Touch in combination with Adaptiv for synergistic results. Use as often as needed especially if you are having a tough day to create a sense of balance for the mind and body.
  1. Includes the same CPTG oils as the Adapativ Calming blend, but diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil for topical use.
  2. Keep this convenient roll-on in your purse or a child's backpack for use on-the-go!
  3. Use as part of a soothing massage.
  4. Apply to hands or wrists and rub together; repeat as needed throughout the day.
  5. Apply to the back of the neck, or bottom of feet to assist in centering and promote a centred and calm mindset. 
  6. Apply to reduce feelings of anxiousness and tension.
  7. Feeling fatigued or having difficulty staying on task – roll on doTERRA Adaptiv to help you regroup.
  8. Add a few drops of Adaptive and Epsom salts to your bath to relax and unwind.

The doTERRA Adaptiv Calming Blend Capsules  
Currently this product is only available in selected markets (and isn't yet available in Europe).

doTERRA Adaptiv Calming Blend Capsules combine the soothing benefits of specifically selected CPTG essential oils with clinically studied botanicals. A supportive and relaxing formula, this proprietary blend of ingredients helps empower and encourage when adapting to stressful situations or acclimating to new surroundings. The Adaptiv Calming Blend Capsules are one of the best tools available to help manage the effects of everyday tension, anxious feelings, uneasiness, and worry.

Adaptiv is a must-have essential oil blend in your natural wellness toolkit. It is powerful on its own, or can be combined synergistically with other essential oils to offer even greater benefits. 
Initial clinical trials showed that diffusing Adaptiv can support a relaxing environment conducive to focused, calm test-taking. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the this clinical trial that was a landmark case for doTERRA’s clinical research team click here

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What if I have more questions?

Please do feel free to email or message me and I’ll do my best to help! dōTERRA has pages of information about safe usage of essential oils on their websites as well.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch!

What Next?
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Happy and healthy living! 

Disclaimer: Please remember that these are powerful oils and supplements and shouldn’t be used without checking directions on how to use these safely. Always consult with your doctor if you are unsure or you are taking medication. The information in this blog is intended for education purposes only, the statements have not been evaluated by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or Therapeutic Good Association (TGA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a medical practitioner. These suggested uses apply only to certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) Doterra Essential Oils.

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