Essential Oil Experience


  • This experience allows you to try essential oils that can help with discomfort, sleep, stress, digestion, hormonal balance, healthy skin and more for free (you only pay £3 fopr shipping).  To order your samples click here
  • You can select a topic then join our online Facebook Community
  • You will have access to our free online education with experienced Wellness Advocates where you will have an opportunity to address personal health concerns with essential oils and supplements in a supportive learning environment. 
  • To get the most out of this experience we recommend that you watch the videos saved in the UNITs section of the group. 
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Q. Is There a Fee To Participate in The Essential Oil Experience?
Yes, its £3 for shipping. You will receive your samples, instructions and two weeks of online education. 
Q. Can I Participate If I Currently Use Essential Oils?
If you’ve never tried doTERRA Essential Oils, you can participate in a study.   If you are already working with another Wellness Advocate then they will be able to supply you with samples.
If you already a Team GLO Wholesale Customer Account with doTERRA and you are just getting started or you are unsure of how to use your oils then you are also welcome to particiate.  If you are unsure if you qualify then please email us at
Q. How Often Does The Essential OIl Experience Run & How Long Does it Last?
We have regular classes and lives and you can access all of the recorded videos in UNITS.
Q. Do I Need to Meet in Person to Participate?
This event will be online and your products can be mailed to you.

Q. If I Like the Products, Will I Be Able to Purchase Them?

Q. Is There Any Oblication to Buy Anything at the End?
We hope that you get great resutls during this Essential Oil Expereince, but you are under no obligation to purchase anything at the end.
Q. Can I Participate in More Than One Topic?
We suggest just focusing on one topic, but yes you can request additional samples for free if you dont get the results your are hoping for in the first few weeks.   
Q. How Will I Know How to Use The Products?
You will have access to an experienced doTERRA Wellness Advocate and Team GLO Educator and Leader.  You will be taught best protocols on how to use essential oil safely and for maximum effectiveness.  You will receive written instruction in your sample package and we recommend that you watch the videos in the group.
Q. Do I need to check with my Doctor before participating? 
We recommend that if you are on medication that you check with your GP before using essential oils.   We are happy to provide further information on the samples included if required.