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Most people when they start experiencing the true benefits of pure essential oils, they want to share with their friends and loved ones.  This is so EASY to do!  Some people just share casually with their friends and that pays for their oils; some share a bit more to earn some extra income, and some share a lot and replace their income.  Imagine doing what you love, having free health care AND financial freedom!
There is huge opportunity for anyone passionate about wellness and natural remedies. The oils work so well alongside many other businesses, eg kinesiology, naturopathy, chiropractic, massage and beauty therapy, dentistry, food coaching, life coaching, entrepreneurs and mums who want to work from home and be there for their children.  Then oils can be on-sold at retail in your place of business or online as well as wholesale (or both) if you wish. There are lots of options.
Work with Me

I will help you with the tools and resources to get started!
Whether you just want to get started with dōTERRA for personal use, or to start your own business, I will help you and guide you for what’s right for YOU!
I have created a private, members only support group that people are added to when they join my team. I provide coaching calls and travel globally teaching about essential oils.  We also have fantastic online training that you can do at your pace in your own home.
Here is a summary of the 2013 average earnings in the USA (note earnings are shown in US$) and the average time to get there.  Figures are similar for Australia and Europe.  It took me 6 months to reach Gold and 3 years to reach Diamond. I have people in my team who have reached Diamond in 12 months.  Imagine how life changing that kind of income could be for you and your family!!

* From doTERRA 2018 Opportunity & Earnings Disclosure Summary: https://media.doterra.com/us/en/flyers/opportunity-and-earnings-disclosure-summary.pdf
** Based on 2016 figures from doTERRA Europe Build Guide: https://media.doterra.com/gb/en/brochures/build-guide.pdf
The average time to reach Silver in the USA is around 12 months, Gold around 15 months, Platinum and Diamond around 24 months, Blue and Presidential Diamond around 31-37 months.  In Australia and Europe, it is taking a little longer but growth in overall sales for 2016 was 85% across Europe and 119% in Australia!  The good news is it’s up to you how long you take.  This is your business which you can grow at a pace that suits you!
You can read more about why doTERRA is such an amazing company to get started with right now in this guide:
What I really LOVE is that I get to mentor and support YOU to achieve YOUR goals as well. I can help you discover your true passion and purpose and help you create abundance in all areas of your life. Ask yourself right now:
  • Am I happy in my job?
  • Am I happy with my health?
  • Do I jump out of bed bouncing with energy every day?
If you answered no to any of the above, then ask yourself ‘AM I READY TO MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE IN MY LIFE TODAY?
  • Are you ready to work from home and determine your own hours?
  • Are you ready to start helping others in a positive way?
  • Are you ready to make more money?
  • Are you ready and willing to allow me to show you how to do this
If so then I would LOVE to hear from you and help you get started on your oily journey!
I receive testimonials all the time of people who have had life changing experiences with the oils, and many who have quit their jobs to share doTERRA, and even some who’s husbands can even now quit their jobs and live the life of their dreams.  How cool is that!! Just by helping people and changing lives with powerful natural remedies.
During my travels and exploration days I met some wonderful people, but I also saw much poverty. One day, I want put my hydrogeological skills to good use again and help developing countries source clean water supplies.
That’s the great thing about generating an income above and beyond what I ever could working as an environmental scientist.  I am able to help others and to really make a positive difference.
Maybe you have a cause or a charity that you would like to support and grow. Maybe this is the opportunity that you have been searching for?
If you are passionate about health, self-motivated, open to massive personal growth and development, looking for new and exciting opportunities, wanting to make a difference in people’s lives and have your own thriving business that you love and can do from anywhere in the world, meet like-minded people and have some FUN then I would LOVE to hear from you!
If you would like to work with me and be a part of our thriving team, then all you need to do is decide which kit to start with and either order on line here or contact me directly  on tanya@greenlifeorganics.co.uk / 0755 733 7363 or send me a message through my facebook page and we can set up a time to chat.
Are you ready to Join the Journey? 
To your health, happiness and abundance,
x Tanya