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This sultry powerhouse oil contains the highest form of a constituent called Turmerone and is more bio-available than a powdered Turmeric capsule supplement.  Add it into your routine for a powerful boost to your immune and nervous systems, plus healthy cells and speedier recovery.

Try It: Turmeric Cacao Latte

A comforting + healing nightcap! 

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The Purify Cleansing Blend is your new go-to for cleaning the house, cleansing the skin from acne or bug bites, disinfecting stinky shoes, hockey bags, etc., and boosting your immune system.

Try It: Deodorizing Spray 

Fill empty doTERRA oil bottle with 20 drops Purify Blend, add a tsp of rubbing alcohol or witch hazel (to stabilize), then top up the bottle with water. 

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