Oprah - 5 Simple Steps to Living a Life of Purpose!

A few months ago I had the pleasure of seeing Oprah Winfrey speak in Perth. I have to say that I went with scepticism. A friend invited me along. I thought ‘why not?’ It’s a night out…’

My husband asked ‘Why?’ I wasn’t sure … until I arrived and felt the excitement in the air, and the MASSIVE crowd that had come to see her. Really, it was HUGE. I remember occasionally turning on the ‘Oprah Show’ years ago to have a look and see what all the fuss was about. I have to admit I have never been a huge fan of chat shows, but Oprah did have some kind of compelling appeal to watch. She was nice, empathetic, interesting.

But I really had no idea how wise and inspiring she could be until I actually saw her on stage. She truly was amazing, even life changing for some.

Over the past 5 or 6 years I have been to a few seminars on personal development. For a few years I became what is known as a ‘seminar junkie’. I saw them all: Stewart Zadelle, John Dimartini, Dale Beaumont, Jamie Macintyre …

Interestingly they all had a very similar message to Oprah. It’s a message that successful people love to share. Maybe there really is something in it.
  • Listen to your intuition.
  • Find your purpose
  • Ask questions
  • Have clear intention
  • Chose love and not fear

Really, it’s that simple. Ask yourself: Am I doing what I love? Am I living the best life that I can? Am I living a purposeful and joy-filled life? Am I being the best that I can be?

If not, then ask yourself why not? We all have a choice to do this. We can all do this. Try asking yourself ‘what is stopping me?’.

Here are 5 steps to living a life or purpose, as based on some words of wisdom from the great woman. I hope that they help you discover your path to joy, happiness and a life full of purpose and abundance.

1. Listen to your Intuition

Everyone has an inner voice. You can call it intuition, your consciousness, the voice of God, but everyone has it. Pay attention to that inner voice. It’s your spiritual GPS. We all have that voice but the difference is how well we pay attention.

According to Oprah,

'we are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are a spiritual being having a human experience. We are spirit, and real success comes from being connected to spirit. That voice and your success, your heart’s desire, are in direct connection with your connection to that spirit'.

A great way to do this is through meditation or quiet time.

2. Find Your Purpose
We all have a purpose or a calling so how do we discover what that is?  Some of us know from a young age, for others it may take years to discover. So what is your purpose? Your purpose doesn’t have to be grand but it is that thing that connects the dots of your life. Your purpose is every life that you touch. Everyone that you come in contact with that has an impression or heart print from you, that is your legacy.

We all want the same thing: to live our life in the truest, highest, expression of ourselves as a human being. So how do we do that? The answer is to use your personality to serve the bigger purpose of your soul. In Oprah's words 'When you can align your personality with your soul’s calling, that is authentic empowerment and no one can touch you when you are authentically aligned with what you came here to do'.

Your journey is threaded with experiences designed to reveal your purpose. If you don’t know your purpose, follow your curiosity that will lead you to your calling. We all have threads that lead us to our calling.

Mistakes can actually be a breakthrough. Often when things go wrong, doing what you don’t want to do helps you figure out what you do want to do, so nothing is ever wasted. Even when you think it’s a mistake it’s there to guide you to be more of yourself, so when things go wrong it’s the universe trying to nudge you in a different direction.

3. Ask Questions

Everyone has a thread that starts from a young age and it’s your job to work out what that is. If you are doing a job and it’s not in alignment with what you came here to do, your real job is to figure out what that is. What is speaking to you? What makes you happy and what makes you feel most like yourself?

Ask yourself (or the universe or God):
• What am I good at?
• What excites me, what are my core values?
• What am I here to offer in service?
• How can I use the work that I love to serve?

Your life is validated through your service. Ask yourself how you can be of greater service? Do this and your life will take off.

Not everyone can be famous but everyone can be great because greatness is determined by you level of service” – Martin Luther King.

4. Have Clear Intention
You are in the driver’s seat and you are co-creating your life. Rule your life with the principle of intention. To be successful you have to be very clear with your intentions. Your intentions create your thoughts, words and actions. Don’t do anything that you don’t consciously intend. The intention is what determines the outcome. You are responsible for your intention. You are the master of your fate. The energy that you are giving out, the thoughts and actions, that are always coming back to you. Energetically we are drawing things to us. When bad things show up think ‘what is this teaching me?’

'You become what you believe'. Believe that anything is possible when you maintain your own energy and stay true to who you are. Be responsible for the energy that you bring into a room. Keep your personal energy vibration high.

5. Choose Love and Not fear
Your greatest power is your ability to love. Show love in the form of grace and understanding. Life is speaking to you. Pay attention. Failure and mistakes are your greatest teachers. Let every mistake lift you up and elevate your consciousness. Fear is a gift trying to move you in a different direction. Listen to your inner voice. Make choices based on love and not fear.

The evening with Oprah left me ulpifted, inspired and motivated. It also made me incredibly grateful that I am on the right path, doing something that I absolutely love. I hope that you too do something that you love and you are living a life full of purpose. If not, why not chose to change? I hope that this post has given you some ideas of how you can change. After all, we all have choices. The right choices are the ones that we make out of love rather than fear. For more inspiration from Oprah, you can visit her website: If you have a love of helping others, a keen interested in healthy living and would like to live a fun and abundant life then I would love to help you. Simply fill out this short questionnaire and I will be in touch!

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Gail Briwne

Mar 30, 2016 06:29 AM BST

wonderful blog with very wise words from Oprah and a heart felt message from an inspirational leader I am blessed to have connected with through the shared path we have chosen - enjoying the beautiful world of Doterra essential oils - to help and serve others - thank you Tanya - Gxx

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