Essential Oils Made Easy Weekly Sessions

Join doTERRA Wellness Advocate Tanya Maidment for an hour of online essential oil education and learn how to use pure therapeutic grade essential oils for your health, home and happiness.

Tanya Maidment is a mother of two & owner of GreenLifeOrganics. Eight years ago she gave up a career in environmental science to begin a personal journey to create a happy, healthy and sustainable future for herself and her family. She loves to educate and inspire others to lead a more natural low-tox lifestyle and regularly teaches about the physical & emotional benefits of essential oils. 

Join us and discover how essential oils can support your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, as well as providing low-tox solutions for your home.

In this class you will learn the following about these oils and how they can support you with:
:-) Immune support
:-) Respiratory support
:-) Emotional welbeing and stress reduction
:-) Minor First aid
:-) Restful Sleep
:-) Healthy skin
:-) Kids health/behaviour
:-) Focus and concentration
:-) Energy/vitality
:-) Muscles and joints
:-) Digestive health
:-) Cooking / cleaning

This event will cover the top 10 oils for everyday use as well as safety guidelines, plus many more of Tanya's favourites.

We will show you how you can get the oils yourself at up to 55% below retail price and empower you and your family with natural healthcare. 

For those of you interested in learning more about the doTERRA business opportunity, we will have a short session about this at the end of the class.

Please book to secure your spot and receive the meeting Zoom link.

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To your health & happiness,